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Founded in Oxford with strong faces and hearts to match, Alcopop! is the record label home to some of the finest independent music there is.

Alcopop! was hewn from the ashes of way too many fine nights out way back in 2006, started in a small cardboard box – and has matured ever since into the (relative) fine label vintage you see before you. Kicked off with a small three figure ‘business’ loan partially invested gambling on football (thanks Lomana Lua Lua) Jack and Kev have since worked with a whole array of fine bands who have dazzled us with LPs that sit in pride of place of all of the greatest record collections.

If life gives you lemons… Make Alcopop!

With the likes of TIGERCUB, johnny foreigner, Fight Like Apes, Anamanaguchi, Tellison, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Matt Pryor, Happy Accidents amongst our finely chiseled roster – we also do cool stuff like release QI’s ‘No Such Thing As A Fish’ podcast on vinyl (making them the world’s first official rock star podcasts), bought the UKIP website and released the Wit and Wisdom of Nigel Farage on blank 7” with Enter Shikari. We’ve also put out a compilation on a bike, and last year held our 10th birthday party on a boat down the Thames - and won AIM Small Label of the Year Award – which was bloody fun!

What’s most important to us though (without meaning to sound too cliché) is you, the bands we work with and the whole Alcopop! community that comes together with the finest faces and hearts all aglow. That’s why we regularly have stages at our favourite festivals (Truck, 2000 Trees, Hand Made, The Great Escape, Southsea, Camden Rocks and more) and love it more than anything when you get involved, and party with us. It’s what Alcopop! is all about.

So come on in, the hooch is lovely…

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