Clean Cut Kid - Hiss

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FINALLY! It's here. Set to be released on December 2nd on vinyl, this is Hiss by Clean Cut Record on eco mix (meaning no two are the same colour, and don't hurt the world) - an album we fell in love with the very first time we heard it. We're so SO excited to get it to you I can't even... Recorded and produced in their top of the range, custom-built analogue home studio based in their Liverpool flat, forthcoming album HISS was painstakingly and lovingly crafted by the band, who reveal themselves as true audiophiles and songwriters of the highest calibre in the process.

The record sees the band coming full circle, triumphantly returning to the lofi roots that began their journey. Traversing the subsequent ups and downs of indie-pop stardom since their major label debut in 2017, the band have found themselves most at home back where it all began—at the quiet, sentimental heart of their delicately unfurling, midnight-hour-favouring songwriting magic, with complete creative control.

1. Our Wasted Hours
2. She Takes A Pill
3. Little Black Space
4. Cathy
5. Inside My Head
6. Hit And Miss
7. Heavy As
8. Louis, Be Brave
9. Into The Tall Grass
10. Golden Ribbon

Of the cathartic nature of the undertaking, Halls says: “HISS is as honest an album as I’ll ever be able to make. It was winter 2020; the whole world had ground to a halt, and the pain of being separated from pretty much everything I love had begun to turn into music in my head.”

“I started to recontextualize the situation as some sort of gift I’d been given, to learn about everything I’d taken for granted. Was the fact that I could no longer perform or play music with people just a way of preparing for life after this whole songwriting gift turns stale? Was the forced separation from my parents just some exercise in dealing with life after they’re gone? With my head bursting full of music about the most painful of subjects, I decided to plug directly into an 8 track tape machine, making a record that was 100% unedited.”