johnny foreigner - How To Be Hopeful
Johnny Foreigner

johnny foreigner - How To Be Hopeful

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Feels like a huge privilege to release a loud righteous rock record about finding love and joy in the universe at a point where such things are in such universal short supply. This release is 28 months past deadline; our timing has always sucked. But honestly, we've had little choice; How to be Hopeful is a pure product of chaos magic. It compelled us to be made to harness returning ripples of stones long since thrown. It felt way too significant, too personal, too full of moments worth savouring and patterns playing out, to rush. Also, we are old and have real jobs now. 

It's actually 2 matched parallel soundtracks, 1 per side, for a 12-month period where the worst, then the weirdest, then the best possible things happened. Same series of events, different ripples, chaos and consequence and everything connected. It is our celebration record, our fell-in-love-and-stopped-worrying album, the glowing cathartic coda that we couldn't help but channel. The least Johnny Foreigner of albums; nearly 3 years of obsessive planning and constructing, executive produced by 2007 anti-nostalgia us, and 2016 us who stopped being a band when we ran out of things worth singing about.

This album. 12 tracks. Out 13th September. On lovely gatefold vinyl with a printed inner and lyric sheet, released on very limited Ripples of Blue eco vinyl*

* this basically means it's on eco vinyl (good for the planet etc), but each record is some shade of blue. You'll not know what shade until it turns up. Nice eh. Get it with the shirt (in draft mode) with 10% off.