Tokky Horror - Home Recordings 2020 - 2021 CD
Tokky Horror

Tokky Horror - Home Recordings 2020 - 2021 CD

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Bona fide legends of hardcore/punk/rave/let's just stop with the genre chat and enjoy the music Tokky Horror have put together a ludicrously exceptional collection of everything from year 1 and it's available on shiny compact disc for your delectation and delight - with extended tracklisting! This will ship w/c 15th November

01. Girlracer
02. Eden on Acid
03. Simulate Me
04. Show No Mercy
05. Pingerz (feat. Phonewifey)
06. Demonoid Phenomenon 
07. Godliness
08. Sleeper
09. Girlracer (Gullyteen Remix)
10. Girlracer (Dan Larkin Remix)
12. Girlracer (Bobby Starchild Remix)
13. Simulate Me (Tom Sennitt Remix0
14. Petya