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Cheekface It's Sorted LP

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Welp, here it is. The much-ballyhooed 4th Cheekface album, "It's Sorted." This vinyl LP is on a translucent blend of yellow and green wax. Enjoy the high-fidelity analog playback of vinyl and Mandy's cover art on a large 12-inch square jacket. Includes a printed inner sleeve with lyrics. Out now but expecting to ship when they get here at end of Feb. V limited so do get in soon <3<3

1. The Fringe
2. Popular 2
3. I Am Continuing to Do My Thing
4. Grad School
5. Life in a Bag
6. Trophy Hunting at the Zoo
7. There Were Changes in the Hardcore Scene
8. Largest Muscle
9. Don't Stop Believing
10. Plastic

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