Len - Steal My Sunshine T-Shirt

Len - Steal My Sunshine T-Shirt

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It's our 100th release, and we're terribly excited to be announcing that we've hooked up with LEN (yes, THE Len) to release a 15 year anniversary remaster of STEAL MY SUNSHINE. Arguably the greatest summer hit of all time. Legitimately a top 10 hit in the UK, US, Australia and Canada - this is kinda mental, but Marc from the band is a big fan of Alcopop!, and we're a big fan of his... So it kinda seemed RIGHT :-)

We're releasing on Tee Shirt, Len 'Lensed' sunglasses and cassette tape (with instrumental version of course)... All limited to 100 NATCH! They're all available separately, or in a big love bundle with original extras :-) There's a few 12"" picture discs, lots of stickers and even some frisbees.

Thanks for sticking with us y'all - and here's to the next 100!!!!


  1. Steal My Sunshine
  2. Steal My Sunshine (Instrumental)

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