Don't be afraid! Don't be alarmed! This is a message from the Dboy Broadcasting Corporation, on behalf of the Performance and Recreation Council.  Ahead of their upcoming UK takeover, Dboy has seized the means of control at Alcopop Records, ushering in a new era of sonic ingenuity and creative control: Dboy play rock and roll, as rock and roll is what matters.  In such serious times of aesthetic and creative austerity, Dboy stay focused on one thing: your pleasure through movement and sound.  Dboy’s reign of collective joy begins, but never ends with their thirteen point manifesto to end sonic austerity, which is studied closely by a group of exceptional individuals who give the boy their time and their money, and in return receive the yellow ascots and the black masks of a modern free world defined by weirdness and love – the Dboy Scouts. As Dboy takes over Alcopop records, rest assured that the time has come to tear off the shackles of aesthetic austerity, and to prove love through the exploration of the sonic avenues that lead over and around the fourth wall.  Dboy is here and now.