Fight Like Apes

Fight Like Apes - Flight Like Apes 12"

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FINALLY! The wonderful 3rd album from Fight Like Apes is pressed onto vinyl for the very first time; the top 3 Irish chart smash (in 2015) released to coincide with everyone's favourite Dublin punk legends returning to play sold out shows at Dublin Olympia and London Garage. Limited to 500 copies (ever and never to be repressed in this format) in eco-mix, this means that every vinyl is unique and a different colour [and better for the environment]. 

Get it. Remember. This was the good times. 

1. "I am Not a Merryman" 
2. "Crouching Bees" 
3. "Pop Itch" 
4. "The Schillaci Sequence" 
5. "Didya" 
6. "Numbnuts" 
7. "Pretty Keen on Centrefolds" 
8. "The Hunk & the Fun Palace" 
9. "I Don't Want to Have to Mate With You" 
10. "Baywatch Nights" 
11. "Maevis Beacon: Annihilation" 
12. "Carousel"

Artz by Loreana Rushe

"It exhibits a new phase for a band with bucketloads of imagination – as well as catchy choruses" - The Irish Times