Helen Love

Love rarely play live, but when they do, it’s a sight to behold. Whether celebrating the iconic star of the first wave of punk on the X-Ray-Spex-venerating rainbow-trash of ‘Thank You Polystyrene’ or extolling the summer virtues of sun-kissed romance in Debbie Loves Joey, Helen Love look set to continue their iconic cult appeal. Beloved of true independent music champions for years, generations of fans have finally discovered what it’s like to not be alone in the world; that there are other people out there who truly understand punk.
A seminal band and bona fide indie pop legends; they have an indie label track history that reads like a discography of the record collection you’ve always wanted. Whatsmore, Joey Ramone himself – who was mercurial in terms of the band evolution, personally invited them to play in New York and sing with him on the Mr Punchy track from his last solo album. Do you need any more???