Formed back in 2001 to entertain friends and woo crushes in Huntington Beach, California; Hellogoodbye have toured the world multiple times, been signed to some of the greatest labels (see Drive Thru, Alcopop! er…. ;-)) and released a continually bevy of hits covering the last couple of decades. So we were delighted to hook up to work with Forrest and co as soon as they asked. You see it’s been five years since Forrest Kline, mastermind behind the eternally shapeshifting indie-pop band Hellogoodbye, released any new music. It takes time to dive as deep as the new album S’Only Natural does; here, Forrest encourages a life lived loudly over the course of 12 undeniable anthems of individuality. There are just as many ballads as there are all-out dance parties, but they’ve all got this one message in common––be yourself unapologetically and love with everything you’ve got.