Albert (vocals), Joel Whitaker (bass) & Will Wiffen (synth) grew up together around the seaside Yorkshire town of Bridlington; and like many artists growing up in removed quarters of the country, they shared a yearning to leave. 

Frank Lindsay (guitar), whose background resides mostly in hip-hop, afforded the sound a unique pulse with a guitar sound which is manic, discordant but firm. Jules Gibbons (guitar, also in Spang Sisters) whose songwriting sensibilities come from a love of cadence and craft of beautiful soul ballads, imbued the band with his structured sense of composition.

Both Charlie Keen (trombone & shell) and Johnny Pyke (drums) come from classically trained Jazz backgrounds. Johnny - throughout Keg - is able to demonstrate this, as well as his ability to remain in the pocket. Similarly, Charlie can both compliment the bands manic moments as well as improvise, uniquely bringing the trombone to the foreground of the sound.

There is but one aim that Keg aims to achieve - to write good music, with a wry smile