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Freeze The Atlantic - 'Freeze The Atlantic' CD

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So - FTA are back, and they're damn well bigger than ever!

With all sorts of passion and so much renewed vigour, 2014 sees the band release their second, self titled album. Writing a brand new record with a new line-up has brought fresh ideas and new elements to a refreshingly British sound. Heavier, smarter and more accomplished; it encompasses all of this bands writing abilities and represents their yearning for more.


  1. Welcome Back To Nibelhelm
  2. The Last Great Train Robbery
  3. Hectares
  4. Stompbox
  5. Like Gravity
  6. There Is A Spark
  7. Idiot Check
  8. Occams Razor
  9. Bound
  10. Tusen Takk
  11. You Drove Me To Taxidermy
  12. Everything All The Time
  13. This Fight

Released: 16th June 2014