Radstewart - Wiccans And Beatlemancers CD

Radstewart - Wiccans And Beatlemancers CD

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God bless you, you radical stewarts,

To what end did the crinkly beatlemancers behave?

To rinky-dink hymnals of the cider bottle sculpture?

Dotty synthesis and stoned psychnalasis prattle, that And, muscovite ending!

Prickly/pear/paw/St. Petersburg parade

Seeing breath in the living room because you’re saving money not putting on the heating

With love, The Stuarts, xoxo

ps - buy this EP. These guys are as hot as the sun....


  1. Fix The Roads
  2. Student Wiccans
  3. Insane Paties
  4. Graduation Blues
  5. Roath County

Released: 16th March 2014