Johnny Foreigner - You Can Do Better CD
Johnny Foreigner

Johnny Foreigner - You Can Do Better CD

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OH MY GOD! It's the new Johnny Foreigner album! 10 (well, 11 sorta) magnificent tracks from these UK PUNX with Chicago-dwelling hearts of joy, and love in their ghostly eyes. Birmingham - CAN YOU WAIT??

This vinyl is BEAUTIFUL! It's limited edition to 500 on glitter black with inserts and digi included. It also comes with a JoFo wristband and an insane A1 map created by Lewes while stocks last. Read all about it here:

I'm not lying when i say this is THE best JoFo album EVER.


  1. Shipping
  2. Le Sigh
  3. In Capitals
  4. Riff Glitchard
  5. The Last Queens of Scotland
  6. Stop Talking About Ghosts
  7. Wifi Beach
  8. To the Death
  9. Le Schwing
  10. Devastator

Released: 10th March 2014