Alcopopular 6: Highway To The Velodrome CD
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Alcopopular 6: Highway To The Velodrome CD

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h you all know the Alcopopular series. Compilations of magnificent bands all out on slightly off the wall formats. We've had maps in bottles, menus, 3" CDs, tapes and walkmans... And now this badboy. Yup. Alcopopular 6 *Highway to the Velodrome* is coming out on a fully branded, awesome coloured, custom made FIXIE BIKE (or digital should you prefer)! Working with Mango Bikes, we've put together these super rad wheels, which come with drop handle bars, super awesome wheels, single speed racingness - and a CD packed with some of the BEST up and coming talent around. Just check out this tracklisting....

  1. Max Raptor – The King is Dead
  2. Gnarwolves – Tongue Surfer
  3. Jawws – Toucan Surf
  4. Playlounge – Cream Soda
  5. The Wytches – Digsaw
  6. Night Engine – Seventeen
  7. Radstewart – Arabesque Bedouin
  8. The Spills – Friends with Girls
  9. Axes – Wet Wet Wet Wet
  10. Throwing Up – Toothache
  11. Birdskulls – Sand Smiles
  12. Menace Beach – Tastes Like Medicine
  13. Crushed Beaks – Grim
  14. Pet Moon - Ganger

Released: 28th October 2013