Problem Patterns

Problem Patterns have got something to say and they’re going to say it fucking loudly. Unfiltered, raw and absolutely vital, queercore quartet Problem Patterns are angry. When Problem Patterns reconnected during a break in the pandemic, they realised that the mission was more important and the rage was extra-critical. This, surely, was punk rock time.

Problem Patterns are not limited by age or ability or binary identities. They don't have a front person, they swap instruments and roles to ensure that each member of the group has a voice. The band’s admiration for Bikini Kill and the riot grrrl movement led to an online conversation with the artist Kathleen Hanna, who advised them from her Los Angeles porch. She told them that if there wasn’t a backlash, then Problem Patterns weren’t doing their job properly.

We think it's fair to say they're doing their job properly...