Johnny Foreigner

johnny foreigner 'waited up 'til it was light' - 12" Vinyl and pack of awesome

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I can't tell you how long this has taken us to make happen. 3 or 4 years of grinding for rights, persuading JoFo to get back together. It's all been worth it. FINALLY their mesmeric debut is getting a release on vinyl! With bonus tracks. 4 of them. Fuck, this is ace.

You'll like this. Red and green ghostly splatter vinyl with exclusive pack (to us and Banquet) including A3 poster, lyric book and original press release from 2008. There are a LOT of mentions of MySpace. Bonus tracks too. Oh bloody hell. This is so awesome. 

Please note: This is a preorder and is due out 4th Feb, so will be shipping to hit that release date. 


1. Lea Room
2. Our Bipolar Friends
3. Eyes Wide Terrified
4. Cranes and Cranes and Cranes and Cranes
5. The End and Everything After
6. Hennings Favourite
7. Salt, Peppa and Spinderella
8. Yes! You Talk Too Fast
9. DJs Get Doubts
10. Sometimes in the Bullring
11. Yr All Just Jealous
12. Absolute Balance
13. The Hidden Song at the End of the Record

BONUS TRACKS: 14. Champagne Girls I Have Known 15. The Houseparty Scene is Killing You 16. I heard, he ties up cats 17. what burlesque won't stand