Helen Love

Helen Love - This is my World 12"/ CD

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The latest magnum opus from never-say-die punk legend Helen Love, This is My World see's the next step in Helen's wonderful punk odyssey sparkle before us.

She says "The album I started recording on a misty wet February day earlier this year is not the record i was expecting to make when i finished it on a cherry blossom weekend in early April. The songs seemed to just fall out of the sky,The fuzz pedal stayed in its box,the amps were turned down,the synths made way for trumpets and a string section came out of the cupboard....Whatever this record is, it's honest. Getting older life changes, children grow up and leave home, loved ones pass away, friends move on. It's easier to look back and harder to push forward....it's not all Bubblegum punk rock DISCO around my house any more, but in truth of course it never was. Helen."

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