CHROMA - Ask For Angela 12"

CHROMA - Ask For Angela 12"

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Ask for Angela on strictly limited glorious 'valley sky blue vinyl'

Taking its name from the campaign of the same name launched to prevent sexual assault in the UK, the material on forthcoming debut album Ask For Angela variously reflects on the band’s collective experience growing up in the South Wales Valleys, and explores the myriad lived experiences of young women. Exploring infighting within the feminist movement, the oppression of trans rights in the UK, violence against women, and other weighty but hugely important topics, the trio ultimately invite the listener to a place of safety and empowerment with their inclusive music.

  1. Don't Wanna Go Out
  2. Girls Talk
  3. Don't Mind Me
  4. Woman To Woman
  5. Head In Transit
  6. I Wanna Be Where You Are
  7. Life's A Bitch
  8. Bombs Away
  9. Look At Me
  10. Interlude
  11. Over The Hill

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